So hard 😔



Is that a penis?

I went in “to look” 🙍💄🎀
#Sephora #YouCanNeverLeave #SinNada 💁

—¿Cómo está mi princesa hermosa?

—De la verga wey, te vuelves a tardar tanto en contestarme y te corto un huevo.

"i want you. i want you to be able to come over and meet my family and them love you. i want you to spend cold nights with me, laying by the fire. i want to go to haunted trails with you and hold your hand. i want to take road-trips with you to the mountains and spend the entire day doing nothing but enjoying each others company. i want to be able to tell you whatever i want and you understand me. i want to be able to tell you my problems and issues. i want to hug you and you wrap your arms around me and kiss my forehead. i want to be able to love you without anyone getting in the way. i don’t know, but i do know that i want you."

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That’s me mickiandherhair

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I just spit all over my phone I’m not playin

I’m dying

me rn